VLD is Based in California and Specializes in Destination Weddings 

We are in the heart of the central coast of California, allowing easy access to incredible venues, properties and diverse landscapes up and down the California coast. Want to throw the best bash of your life? We do too! Regardless of your location, we can help. With clients all over the world (New York, LA, SF, Chicago, Detroit, and the list goes on!), our process is designed to work remotely, and we make planning an event a breeze no matter where in the world you're based. Having a destination wedding or other milestone celebration? Have passport, love to travel...


Email:  hello@vldevents.com

Call: 805.364.0432

Snail mail: 219 W. Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Many thanks to Trevor Pikhart, Tec Petaja, Curtis Wiklund, and KT Merry for photographing our work shown on our site