13 years ago, a Michigan Guy and a California Girl met working in a bar...

and, like most great love stories, they proceeded to ignore each other for months. One day, after realizing they were actually head over heels for each another, they decided to finally admit how they felt, but there was just one problem - Guy was set to move to San Francisco a few weeks later. The night before he left, Guy pulled a table behind a restaurant in the middle of an alley and told her he would stay for her. Girl told him he had to follow his dreams, but that she had a feeling they would find themselves together one day. 

Guy and Girl spent months long distance on the phone, eventually caving in. They spent their first real date moving Guy from SF to Girl in Chicago so they could be together. They fell in love while road tripping through California, in Vegas, through Zion National Park, and onward to the Windy City. They adopted a few really high maintenance pets and experienced 5 amazing years in the Pacific Northwest. They moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, settling down in a 1920's bungalow where they married in the backyard with a family style supper, croquet and limoncello. They expected to stay 6 months and they stayed 8 years, planning events and traveling the world (what a wonderful time they had). Much like how they started dating, they joined as partners in business when they knew they had no longer had a choice - they wanted to be together all the time, and they share a passion (read: obsession) for celebrating life and love. That was almost 200 weddings ago.

We are Bryan and Alison, we love what we do and we're grateful to be doing it. When we aren't working (this is rare), we often hop a plane. We've been to 15 countries in the past couple years; our favorite destinations being Copenhagen, Guatemala, Greece, and Rome. Bryan is a Detroit Red Wings fan and loves New York Style pizza. Alison does a lot of yoga, has a giant map of the world with destinations outlined by shoulder season, and loves learning about (drinking) wine. We love being back on the west coast, right next door to the town where Alison was raised, and are obsessed with creating unforgettable experiences both here in California and around the world. 

That's our story! Now let's tell yours.