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VLD Events combines twenty years of experience in hospitality and ten years in the wedding industry to help clients plan a successful and memorable event.


bryan keck destination wedding planner
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Bryan Keck has been in hospitality for 20 years, working for a James Beard-award winning chef and restaurateur in Seattle prior to joining VLD. He is a proud Michigan native whose entire career has involved taking care of people. As our event director and project manager, he's focused on the many logistics involved in making an event happen, although his passion is creating and cultivating relationships with our clients and their families. He loves working with his wife (his wife wrote this).

Alison Laesser-Keck is the creative director of VLD. Armed with a degree in counseling, 10 years in the spirits industry, and another decade in wedding and event planning, she is the quintessential people person who is obsessed with the art of the event. In 2008, after working with venues in Seattle, she branched out on her own to follow a dream, and VLD was born. She is California born and raised, with strong Michigan roots, and enjoys traveling and celebrating whenever possible.