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Where would I be without Alison and Bryan? Single, orphaned, homeless, and possibly dead.  

My husband and I initially met with A+B in May of 2015, with a projected wedding date of September 2016. Within the 1.5 years we spent together planning what would become the best and most incredible day our lives, we went through a corporate acquisition, moved to another state, started new jobs, and completed graduate school applications. With each challenging life event, they became my closest confidants, my advocates, my reality touchstone, my cheerleaders, and my creative inspiration. Without A+B we would have never made it down the aisle.

They executed the most logistically difficult wedding weekend I could have asked for, working constantly to give us everything we envisioned and everything we didn't know was possible. They created a festival in a forest for us, designing and building the entire dream world from the ground up, literally. Before A+B there were two fields and some tall pines. After A+B there was an open air minimalist church constructed out of steel, a forest walk lined with candles and designed around bespoke cocktail selections, and a reception site that lead from one magical tent to the next. The cocktail tent with its explosion of flowers, fabric escort cards, a living floral installation that reflected the custom design of our wedding invitations, and themed lighting design on the ceiling. The dinner tent with long tables, a clear tent so thin you could see the stars, custom napkins and print materials in rose gold flickering off the taper candles above mauve velvet linens, and luscious floral with live pomegranates on the tables. The open air black and white dance floor which flowed into a lounge and bar area inside of a 25 foot high tee pee tent they found and brought in from Montana. The bonfire they created off the dance floor complete with adult s'mores. All of the food was prepared outside, each stage of the event was accompanied by a separate custom cocktail, and every single detail was executed to perfection. It is difficult even now to describe the level of detail, creativity, and originality in one review.  

Their design of the rehearsal dinner was playful and fun, while at the same time classic and timeless (did I mention it was on a mountaintop, with guests arriving via gondola, and a bluegrass band?). These two know how to throw the best party you have ever experienced. They are sensitive to the culture of a great party - the music, the length and number of speeches, the timing of the food, the ratio of servers to guests, the list goes on. If you want to give your guests the experience of their lives, VLD can do that for you.  

Their level of professionalism surpasses any I have ever experienced. They stay calm in the most stressful of situations, and they genuinely love what they do. They are inspired people, and their love for each other is the stuff dreams are made of. Their intuitive agility is second to none, moving seamlessly from conversations with my mother about place settings to budget and financial considerations with my CEO father. They are, without question, the best I have ever seen at their craft.

They take on each challenge with passion, they are visionaries in the market, they want their clients to be happy, and they never stop until the job is done. I know there were nights they didn't sleep so that I could have the wedding of my dreams. Travis and I are eternally grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Alison and Bryan, and were humbled by their commitment to our vision from the moment we met through the full range of festivities. I can say without question, that not only did we find our event planners for the rest of our lives, but we made two incredible friends that continue to inspire us every day.

If you find yourself in need of event planning, design, coordination, consulting, or any other inspiration, run, don't walk, to VLD Events.



If you are considering working with VLD, just do it and don’t look back! I couldn’t imagine working with a more wonderful team! They are creative and organizational geniuses (this is not an exaggeration), and absolutely delightful to work with! Alison and Bryan are INCREDIBLY talented, responsive, and professional. They helped me seamlessly plan a wedding from New York, despite my own hectic schedule and limited availability to visit to the wedding venue. Alison’s taste is impeccable (beyond! — seriously, she has the best taste in the business and recommends only the most talented vendors), and she and Bryan have an astute business sense that really shines.



VLD created and executed an unbelievable, once in a lifetime event for our family. From start to finish, the process was a delight. They have exquisite taste, down to every detail. By the time the event came we had no worries because we had come to trust them implicitly. It was such an amazing day and event that our family glowed with happiness for quite sometime after. Everything was so perfect, it is hard to imagine ever experiencing that again. We have another Bar Mitzvah coming up in 2018 and so look forward to relishing in their talents once again.


Carre Callaway

Hi! We just wanted to thank you both for helping so much and being so wonderful and supportive during this process. It turned out EXACTLY how we envisioned. Kind of crazy how perfect everything was. You guys went above and beyond and we are so grateful. We love you guys!!


Molly Sweeney

I have no words to describe how grateful we are to have found such wonderful people to help us plan our wedding. You and Bryan are incredible spirits and human beings.



I woke up this morning trying to think of how I could ever properly thank you. It was, without a doubt, the most perfect wedding I could have ever imagined. Not only was it gorgeous, people told us throughout the night that it “felt like me and William,” which in my mind is the highest compliment. You and Bryan put together an amazing, intimate experience for us and our guests, executed it without a flaw, and did it with a smile on your face the whole time!! Unbelievable. I have absolutely loved working with you and Bryan. You are an absolute joy to work with not only because you are fantastic people, but also because you are the best at what you do—you are detail-oriented, well-organized, and extraordinarily creative.



VLD was the best wedding planning decision we made. I was planning a wedding out of state from California, and Alison made it so easy for us. She is very easy to talk to and extremely responsive - I don’t know how she does it, but we felt like we were her only clients! She introduced us to the BEST vendors and executed a flawless, unique event that was perfectly tailored to us. We were so thankful to have the day to just focus on celebrating with our friends and family, with the full assurance that VLD was taking care of everything else. 

Sarah and Phil Robbins

We used VLD for our 10 year vow renewal — and all I can say is “WOW FACTOR”! Alison, Bryan, and team have a strong spirit of excellence and true attention to detail. I am so thankful that we chose them to make the most magical memories for our favorite friends and family. I would HIGHLY recommend them for the most important events of your life. Life is all about the memories we make, and the experiences we create for those we love. Don’t take a chance on the most important memories of your life — choose the best!!! I am so glad we did!


Karen Falahee

Working with you was a delight - I wish I had three more daughters! To top it off, you epitomize style and “coolness” and that style informed every suggestion you made. I will miss spending so much time with you!


Sheila Hamp

Alison and Bryan, it was magnificent!!! Absolute perfection!! Everybody had the best time!! I can’t wait to see the pictures to relive it all! Thank you so much — and congratulations again on a wonderful, wonderful job!!

Meghan and Dave Weinberg Alison, Bryan and the VLD team made the decision-making and detail-sorting process not only easy, but really fun. They have such a passion for their work and you can feel the dedication that they put into every interaction. They are a wonderful combination of creativity and professionalism.

Meghan and Dave Weinberg

Alison, Bryan and the VLD team made the decision-making and detail-sorting process not only easy, but really fun. They have such a passion for their work and you can feel the dedication that they put into every interaction. They are a wonderful combination of creativity and professionalism.



The first time I saw the set up for our event I was speechless and almost started crying. I have no words for how mind blowing it was. Some of our guests mentioned that it appeared to be something out of a movie. If I am being honest however I do have one regret—it’s that VLD did not plan my wedding. It was far better than that! I can honestly say that my son’s birthday party was far better than my wedding!


We are so thankful to have met and worked with Alison and Bryan. Their professionalism and attention to detail was top notch. They truly wanted the day to be a reflection of us and helped to bring our ideas to life. The day of the wedding, they took the worry off of our shoulders making sure that every detail was perfect and that we could relax and just enjoy. We are thankful to have met such genuine people that absolutely love what they do. Because of their guidance in planning our big day, our wedding dreams became a reality and we are forever grateful.

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Jennifer Jain

Alison and Bryan, thank you so much! We truly felt that the wedding was magical. Everything was incredibly beautiful and even with the rain, things ran smoothly. You two are excellent at your job, both in designing beauty in unique and new ways, and in being a friend and sounding board to your clients. Thanks again for everything!


You make dreams come true! Thank you for making my wedding day so memorable, so beautiful, so different than anyone else has ever seen. I loved every moment! I didn’t have to worry about anything because you and Bryan had all the details under control. Not only was the day of execution perfect, but you handled every single detail up to the wedding day so that I didn’t have to. I know it was very frustrating at times, but you handled it and I didn’t even have to know about it which was the best part! I hope that everyone I know is lucky enough to have you as not only their event planner, but as their friend. You are one of a kind. 


Jessica C.

They’re design geniuses, detail-oriented, and made sure that we really did have a perfect day. When my husband and I arrived at the venue, we literally gasped. Their work was stunning; Alison, Bryan and the VLD team exceeded our expectations. Months later, looking at pictures, I still can’t wrap my head around what a beautiful job they did. Moreover, they offered invaluable guidance during the hectic planning process (crucial since we were planning from afar) and were really fun to work with.


Chicago PR Agency

The GM designer that was there was just in love with what you did and said it looked like a page out of a magazine or in Anthropologie. You sure made us and the client look good. Thank you!!!


Marie Sabatini

If you ever need someone to create an exceptional experience - without hesitation, call VLD Events. They make magic (and are an absolute pleasure to work with - you’ll want to be best friends with Alison and Bryan)!


Christina and Dan

You want Alison, Bryan and the VLD team to plan your wedding! VLD is amazing at pulling together an event, managing the personalities of clients and their families, and quickly and creatively responding to any challenges one might have throughout the planning process. All of that is clearly important and is probably enough to convince you to choose VLD, but for me their biggest asset is their personalities. They are so chill and positive that no matter what you are going through, leading up to and on the day of your wedding, they can help you figure it out with minimal drama. When they tell you everything is going to be fine, you can trust that it will because the VLD team has done everything they possibly can to make it so. I can’t imagine there is a better team out there.

Jordan and Nick Else

VLD! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts in making our day the most amazing day ever. Your constant attention to detail, soothing email responses, and impeccable sense of style did not go unnoticed. You guys are miracle workers.

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Christine and Jason Lufkin

The talent and dedication of our entire team exceeded our expectations in every way. Huge, huge thanks. You are the absolute best at what you do and we cannot express our gratitude for a perfect night with all our loved ones and a lifetime of memories.


Carson Dye

Alison & Bryan, We are so fortunate to have found you. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance. You truly made this painless. On behalf of the entire family, accept our deep gratitude. You are the consummate professionals - and yet you bring such spirit and warmth. Merci Beaucoup!

Amanda Dewyer

I reached out to Alison at a time when I felt completely overwhelmed - I was planning the wedding from out of state, working long hours, and struggling to turn the thoughts and ideas I had for the look of my wedding into reality. As soon as I started working with Alison, I felt the weight lift off my shoulders. Alison helped streamline the wedding planning process, and is truly gifted at what she does - she focuses on all the little details that together create an amazing event

Mary Calderone

I was extremely happy with my VLD experience! Alison and Bryan are so great to work with, and really took my event to the next level. They connected me to some really great vendors who I was very happy with. All of the advice they gave me ended up being spot on. I also had a lot of fun just getting to know them. I would recommend them 100%!


My husband and I both agree that hiring VLD was one of the absolute best decisions we made while planning our wedding. They’re so nice, easy to work with, and they made our wedding incredible. We honestly couldn’t have done it without them. We also received countless compliments from guests on how great they were.

Kristin Chapman

Alison and Bryan, I want to thank you again for your role in planning and carrying out a magnificent wedding. You are an absolute delight to work with and you are unparalleled in your talents for pulling off an event with so many details and people and personalities. It was a glorious, meaningful day. To quote a dear friend in attendance, “It was a quintessential elegant wedding, perfectly blending ritual, beauty, bounty and warmth.

Jennifer Saksa

Hiring VLD was one of the best decisions I made! As an out of state bride (and event planner), I knew I needed someone on the ground on my big day. From the moment we spoke on the phone until the end of the night on my wedding day, Alison and Bryan were professional, quick on their feet, and a tremendous help! With an abundance of vendors, I knew the day was going to be a bit logistically challenging but they made it look completely effortless. I can’t imagine how the day would have been without VLD! I should also mention that Alison and Bryan are SO lovely! Their friendliness and smiles brought so much to our day. We love Alison and Bryan and would use their services again in a heartbeat!

Maya Mrdalj

Wedding planning is a huge undertaking, and while everyone tells you this when you start, a full appreciation for the scope only hits after you’re about half way through planning. But never fear if you have Alison and Bryan - they will take the time to learn about you and answer all questions with your wedding goals in mind. Our wedding day was a blur of excitement, love and joy, and never once panic because VLD was on site to take care of everything. Guests who thought they had RSVP’d - taken care of, backup rain plan - executed, other issues - we still don’t even know about them. A wonderful experience from start to finish.




Bryan and Alison, how perfectly beautiful everything came together. And because of my confidence in you, I was able to enjoy the entire day. Thank you. You are so good at “getting it.” You listened to us and then created exactly our dreams. You are very, very talented and we all wish you much success professionally and much happiness personally.


If I could give VLD more stars, I absolutely would! Working with them was key to having a beautiful, fun, personal, creative and stress-free wedding. Their creativity and willingness to go the extra mile (or three) amazed me throughout the entire planning process. Even though I planned the wedding from out of state, Alison was so easy to reach and responsive that long-distance planning was never an issue.

Jean Nei

Upon meeting Alison and Bryan from VLD, I knew we had a great fit. They were our best friends and therapists throughout the process, kept our sanity by keeping us on a schedule and made the day of look like the most perfectly planned event while appearing effortless.


From the first day we met Alison & Bryan, I knew our wedding was going to be something way more special than we could imagine. And, even with those incredibly lofty expectations set from the start, VLD still managed to exceed our wildest dreams!