VLD is Alison and Bryan, a Santa Barbara, California based husband and wife team and dedicated event planning and design studio specializing in celebrations with style and substance.

Over the past decade, we've produced over 200 weddings and events in destinations as far away as France and as remote as the middle of the wilderness; most of them outdoors at estates or private residences, and every single one of them an epic celebration in their own right. 


We'll get right to it. We started this company because we believe in creating experiences that will represent you. We've all been to events that are beautiful but they could be just anyone's wedding, and we think that is such a mistake. There's really only one time in your life everyone you love will be in one room and, as a result, we want to do it justice. People tell us our events are different, and that is the ultimate compliment. Whether it's a simple gathering or a "luxury" production, our goal is intimacy, authenticity, and warmth, regardless of the size or scope.

Our approach? FUN! Great music. Inspiring ambiance. Innovative food and beverage with great presentation. Ridiculously good service (both from us and from other vendors). Quality vs quantity. When it comes to the event planning process, we take on a limited number of clients each year, allowing us to give the attention you and your event deserve. When you work with VLD, you're working with a team that will stand behind you, protecting you and guiding you as you make your way through what will inevitably become one of the most special experiences of your lives. We are more than just event planners, we're your advocates, confidantes, financial advisors, project managers, strategists, designers, friends, and your storytellers. We will take your vision and make it the best it can possibly be. We will maximize your budget and give you confidence that you're hiring the right team and allocating your budget properly. We are committed not only to ensuring an event is successful, but also that the entire year long process leading up to it is fun and enjoyable for you, too. With twenty years of experience in events, from France to Michigan and forest to ballroom, we can handle just about anything that is thrown our way.

Would you like to be a guest at your own wedding? Are you looking for someone whom you can trust to make your event the best it can possibly be? We'd love to take care of you. Get in touch and let's see if we're a match.